Rogue Missions DND Podcast


Special: Raksash’s Origin, Part 3

January 12, 2011

Like a phoenix, we have risen from the ashes of our lack of posting episodes. We now proudly present you with part 3 of the Special origin story for Raksash, Drow Sorecerer Extraordinaire.

In this exciting episode of the Rogue Missions DND Podcast, our heroes are still battling for supremacy against the horrors of Fool's Grove. The creatures therein defy logic, even magical logic. Things get dicey when dealing with the dreaded beasts and Rogue Missions once again rises to the occasion. Listen up, ye listeners of podcasts, and hear the tale continued!

(*Editor's Note: This episode is a bit longer. There will be one or two more of these, so bear with us whilst we publish these larger files)