Rogue Missions DND Podcast


About Us

July 9, 2010

Rogue Missions is an adventuring troupe that is dedicated to recovering and retaining shinies and magicks to the places of their choosing. The crew consists of:

  • Josh - Season 1 DM / Bolt Spellblaster (Elf Wizard), Season 2 Thoradin Stonehammer (Dwarf Cleric)
  • Erika - Alina (Halfling Rogue and unofficial leader of Rogue missions)
  • Sandy - HRHP (Her Royal Highness Princess) Lyr (Kalashtar Psion)
  • Jeff C - Season 1 Darius (Dragonborn Cleric), Season 2 - Wei Lin (Eladrin Monk)
  • Jeff M - Season 1 Halibjorn (Human Fighter)
  • Brad - Season 1 Hairhorn Starchild (Deva Invoker), Season 2 - DM / Onyx Gladstone (Warforged Runepriest)

Newly Hired to Rogue Missions
Jon - Season 2 Raksash (Drow Sorcerer)

You can always contact us at our email address with any questions, comments, or insults. Okay, maybe just those first two.