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Queserria Quest - Episode 2 - What’s Ours is Mine

Welcome back! When we last left our heroes, they were taking a well-deserved rest after murdering a defenseless cart driver for no good reason. Rising from sleep, they continue their quest to the town of Queserria to learn more of their holy quest. Well, maybe not holy. Costly, to be sure.


What dangers does the town hold? Why are things so bad there? Find out here!


Queserria Quest - Episode 1 - Graduation Day

The first episode in a new homebrewed adventure!

Our team of heroes, Loraxx the Conqueror, Benny Taker, and Duke Dragon are attending the graduation ceremony for Jimmy Quest's School for Adventuring and Personal Finance. A fine skuul if ever there was one! With this ceremony comes new adventures and the promise of prestige. As prospective graduates, they face a number of trials, including awkward social events and staff-endorsed grudge matches. How will they fare? Who is Jimmy Quest? What does it all mean?!


Find out this week on Rogue Missions: Queserria Quest!

Strike that, Reverse it - Death of Strahd

Hey Friends!

So, long story short, we were editing the Curse of Strahd episodes and we just weren't happy with them. The adventure, while challenging, just didn't play well for us as time wore on. The adventure got really serious and it just didn't fit our vibe here at Rogue Missions. Because of this, we decided to scrap it. The crew took a break, collected ourselves, and ran a one-shot instead! 

Well, one-shot might be a little generous. It ran way longer than we anticipated. We've got about 4 or 5 episodes in the can for this one. We think you'll like it a lot more and we're excited to get back to our more ridiculous roots. Just wait, you'll see!


Curse of Strahd 2: On the Road Again

Having met our heroes, the team decides to proceed onward and attend a fancy dinner party...with hats! Don't miss this exciting episode of mostly talking.


Curse of Strahd 1: How Now Drow?


Welcome to the third season of the Rogue Missions DND Podcast! After a long hiatus trapped in the phantom zone, the crew is back and ready to spin some tales for your amusement. 

In this, the season premiere of season 3, Rogue Missions is going in a bold new direction: terror! Well, kinda. Your favorite dice-rollers are back and starting up a new adventure in the Curse of Strahd, and this time they're joined by some new voices. 

This time around, the crew is:
  • Josh - Malaggar, Drow Bard
  • Brad - Trick, Drow Warlock
  • Trevor - Drow Fighter
  • Dana - DM
You'll remember Josh and Brad as veterans, while Trevor and Dana are new additions to the team. There'll be plenty of guests along the way, too, including the infamous Jeff C! So come along as they experience horror and humor in a new setting and new edition (5e). You'll be glad you did. Or, you won't. Whatever.

I Cast Resurrection! - Rogue Missions Returns

Hey everyone! Rogue Missions is coming back for really reals! Get hyped.

We're recording new episodes in June 2016 and we've upgraded to D&D 5e, just in time for the dreaded CURSE OF STRAHD. We've got some new cast members, new characters, and hilarious new content. 

Stay tuned for more soon!


Alina’s Birthday Extravaganza! Part 2

It's time again to gather 'round the magic talking box to hear stories of excellent adventures and brilliant banter. When last we left our heroes, they were celebrating Alina's birthday in the only way they know how: boozing and brawling. Captain Phineas Soggybottom and his crew of seafaring miscreants threaten our heroes very lives...though probably not without provocation. Listen up as they peacefully discuss their opposing view points in a polite and reasonable manner! Just kidding. FIGHT!


Alina’s Birthday Extravaganza! Part 1

Welcome back, faithful listeners, and gather round for a tale of celebration and battle! It's Alina's birthday and Rogue Missions decides to go out and celebrate. However, before they can get all tipsy and rowdy, okay maybe not before that, they encounter old foes bearing strong grudges. Listen in as we full your mind with hilarious dialog jam-packed with tender morsels of fun!

(Editor's Note: No one is getting flown out to play DnD with us. Just a disclaimer.)


Special: Raksash’s Origin, Part 5

You've waited for it, perhaps too long, and good on you for sticking around. You're the fans we really like. Anyway, it's now time for the end of Raksash's journey with Rogue Missions. But he doesn't leave without a fight. It turns out that the dark force behind the Garden is throwing a dinner party, and Rogue Missions is crashing it! Listen in for excitement and hilarity! And now...the epic finale of Raksash's Origin!


Special: Raksash’s Origin, Part 4

In this week's episode of the Rogue Missions DND Podcast, the party is nearing the end of the Fool's Grove. However, this does not mean that they are safe! What sort of bizarre gamekeeper awaits them at the grove's edge? A bizarre one. Was that not obvious? Anyway, why read this well-written description when you can download it and listen to it for yourselves?! Don't. Download this exciting episode now, and stay tuned for the exciting finale!

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