Rogue Missions DND Podcast


Curse of Strahd 1: How Now Drow?

August 3, 2016


Welcome to the third season of the Rogue Missions DND Podcast! After a long hiatus trapped in the phantom zone, the crew is back and ready to spin some tales for your amusement. 

In this, the season premiere of season 3, Rogue Missions is going in a bold new direction: terror! Well, kinda. Your favorite dice-rollers are back and starting up a new adventure in the Curse of Strahd, and this time they're joined by some new voices. 

This time around, the crew is:
  • Josh - Malaggar, Drow Bard
  • Brad - Trick, Drow Warlock
  • Trevor - Drow Fighter
  • Dana - DM
You'll remember Josh and Brad as veterans, while Trevor and Dana are new additions to the team. There'll be plenty of guests along the way, too, including the infamous Jeff C! So come along as they experience horror and humor in a new setting and new edition (5e). You'll be glad you did. Or, you won't. Whatever.