Rogue Missions DND Podcast


Strike that, Reverse it - Death of Strahd

October 25, 2016

Hey Friends!

So, long story short, we were editing the Curse of Strahd episodes and we just weren't happy with them. The adventure, while challenging, just didn't play well for us as time wore on. The adventure got really serious and it just didn't fit our vibe here at Rogue Missions. Because of this, we decided to scrap it. The crew took a break, collected ourselves, and ran a one-shot instead! 

Well, one-shot might be a little generous. It ran way longer than we anticipated. We've got about 4 or 5 episodes in the can for this one. We think you'll like it a lot more and we're excited to get back to our more ridiculous roots. Just wait, you'll see!